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Leblanc's Rice Creek Hunting & REcreation

Our History 

Rice Creek's history goes back to 1961, when Bret and Helen LeBlanc (Joe's father and mother) started the shooting preserve. This was after Bert ("Bunny") was named Conservation Farmer/Sportsman of the Year for the State of Minnesota.

Rice Creek is owned by Gregg and Joe LeBlanc, together with their families and employees we welcome you to our hunting club.

In 1984, Elden, his brother Joe and cousin Gregg established LeBlanc's Rice Creek Hunting in Recreation, Inc. Elden retired and Joe and Gregg still remain owners.

Rice Creek has grown to be a hunt club among the biggest and finest in the upper Midwest. Our claim to fame is pheasant hunting with natural feel, unique in that we keep pheasants in the field as far ahead as possible. We have an outstanding mallard shoot that you have to experience to believe. The duck pass has water to shoot over and is one of the only ones left in the state of Minnesota. Turkeys are hunted in a beautiful setting; 500 acres of rolling oak hills, by calling them in the spring.


He became partners with his brother, Don and his business associate, Walter Peeks, owner of Hennepin Paper Company. Also Charlie and Burnett (Gregg's father and mother) worked with them by letting them use their land while engaging in conservation practices. The Nipenneh Lodge (Hennepin spelled backwards) was then built. It was a two - room clubhouse that is still a part of the present grand lodge today.