Hunt pheasants here the way you are suppose to. We keep birds out for you to hunt - and lots of them!  Last year we released over 30,000 pheasants on our 1ooo acres of prime pheasant habitat.  Located in central Minnesota, this large connecting piece of land offers a variety of different covers: CRP - type grass fields, corn/sorghum food plots, evergreen tree lanes, brushy oak lanes, cattail sloughs, you name it - we have a little of everything.  With this much area and this much cover, we can keep pheasants in the field and hunt pheasants similar to those on long, out-of-state trips. 

Hunting on your own without  a guide is very popular, also. Make sure you bring a good dog, or rent one of our dogs, as the land is large and you will be paying for the birds that we replenish. There may be extras in the field, but you will still need all your hunting skills to get your limit.  You also will get to take your limit of cleaned birds home whether you were able to bag them or not - we guarantee it. 

Guided fees are $70.00 per half day + gratuity

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Pheasant Hunting 

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Guided hunts are our specialty here at Rice Creek. We have many top-notch dogs and guides to handle groups of 1 to 140 hunters. Our guided hunts are guaranteed. When you book your hunt, we will make sure you get to shoot at, stalk, flush (in other words hunt) as many birds as you requested.  Hitting the birds, of course, is up to you, so even if your hunting group has a little trouble with their shooting abilities, they still will say they had ample opportunities and get cleaned pheasants to take home - we guarantee it.


For the first four birds hunted and cleaned it will cost $120.00


For the first four birds hunted and cleaned it will cost $140.00

Morning pheasant hunts begin at 9:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m. (four-bird minimum per hunter, per hunt)

Afternoon pheasant hunts begin at 1:00 p.m - 4:00 p.m. four bird minimum per hunter, per hunt

We require a blaze orange hat and eye protection. You may bring these or purchase them at the clubhouse.