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This is an opportunity to provide fun and learning with hands-on participation. Boys and girls are welcome. Camps for all levels, getting youth involved in the outdoors.

Rice Creek European Driven Shoot

Experience Minnesota Hunting 

When: Last Saturday of each month: January 26th

Time: Arrive at the clubhouse at 9:00 a.m

Where: The Majestic pines & fields of Rice Creek

How many birds: At least 15 pheasants per hunter (or 3 rock dove pigeons to replace one pheasant)

Cost: $300.00 per person or $250.000 per person if you don't take any cleaned pheasants home-shooters must register by the Monday before each hunt. We need at least 9 shooters to hold a shoot: all shooters that sign up will be noticed of the status of the shoot. You will be refunded your $50.00 deposit if we cancel the shoot, but no refund will be made if you don't show.

If you would like to have lunch or a wild game dinner afterward, please make reservation. Each person will go home with 10 pheasants. Cleaning and upgrades, to Pheasants Pot Pies, Wild Rice Hotdish, Smoked Pheasants, Pheasant Sausage, Pheasant Fillets or Duck Chili will include extra costs. Guides and pheasant drivers are at no extra cost, but gratuity is appreciated,



Office Hours - Tuesday - Sunday 8:00 - 12:00

Rice Creek is a great place to host your outdoor wedding. Plan a weekend getaway and enjoy the beautiful outdoors, the clubhouse and the serenity of central MN in a picture perfect setting.

Rice Creek is a full service, 1500-acre hunting preserve. We offer pheasant, duck, turkey and chukar hunting.